Released on 28th June 2015

  • added Included share support through a Protocol, application developers can now share to Pushpin through their applications. More information on how application developers can implement this can be found at http://sndp.me/1LODOz8


Released on 26th June 2015

  • fixed Issues with various Lumia phones showing a black screen after login (630, 635, 640) - This was due to the theme engine in the app requiring a phone with a light sensor, as these phones do not have one the application would crash midway.

User Interface
  • changed Theme related tweaks


Released on 18th June 2015

  • fixed Issues with syncing pushes and the interface not changing when pushes were deleted
  • fixed Push notifications
  • fixed The app was not receiving push notifications when sending to the user or all devices. This was only affecting the new Push Notification support

User Interface
  • added New menu item "Latest News & Updates" will allow you to view news and information about what we're doing with the app.
  • changed Moved some menu items to the settings menu to de-clutter the navigation


Released on 26th March 2015

  • fixed Push notifications


Released on 24th March 2015

  • changed Push Notification support, Push Notifications are now delivered directly from Pushbullet providing you with the latest pushes instantly.


Released on 23rd September 2014

  • fixed Issue where new devices weren't being registered for Push Notifications
  • changed App is now called Pushpin.
  • changed App now is a paid for app. There are two versions - 1 to "Try" the app which is the full version of the app, and another which you can purchase to help support development of the application.

v1.1.0.10 RC

Released on 25th August 2014

  • added The settings page will allow you to sync only when on wifi, saving data usage on the initial sync each time the app is loaded.
  • fixed Fixed issue where error message is shown when sharing and pushing from a different app
  • changed You can now select and copy links directly from the app
  • changed Validation added for new pushes
  • changed Finalising code ready for final release

User Interface
  • added About us page


Released on 15th August 2014

  • fixed The app crashes for new users without any error message


Released on 15th August 2014

User Interface
  • changed Last item in list is now viewable when tapping on the push

  • changed Fixed crashing when starting up the application


Released on 27th July 2014

User Interface
  • added Settings menu
  • added Dark theme
  • added User and Contact avatars
  • changed Colour scheme now is in Green
  • changed Navigation layout moving controls from top to bottom
  • changed Clearer typography for better readability
  • changed Share icon changed to a more globally recognised icon
  • changed Live Tile now shows latest pushes
  • changed Other various UI tweaks

  • added Light Sensor reading to determine which theme should be shown depending on lighting conditions
  • added Adding contacts directly
  • changed Remove device when you sign out


Released on 21st July 2014

User Interface
  • changed Reduced font size
  • changed App icons changed to match the app colour scheme better
  • removed Message Box showing when sharing to the app

  • added Better offline support
  • changed Updated User agent management under device creation request


Released on 19th July 2014

User Interface
  • changed Completely redesigned interface

  • added File sharing to and from the application
  • changed Completely re-coded taking in consideration speed, sharing and usability